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Our Facility

​​Call:  ​​252-444-1399​​

 Our Location

1301-A East Main Street
Havelock, NC 28532

We are open when your families regular veterinarian is closed; nights, weekends, and holidays.

Office Hours

Weeknights -  6:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.

Weekends - 8:00 A.M. Saturday to                                         8:00 A.M. Monday

**Open ALL Major Holidays**     

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​​ Hospital Pricing and Policies 

The Emergency Fee, Comprehensive Exam and a Written Health Care Plan


​​This emergency fee applies to everyone.  Regardless of who your regular veterinarian is, if you are visiting Eastern NC, or you do not have a regular veterinarian.

For information on veterinarians in the area Please see our list of owner hospitals on the "About Us" page.

Financial Policies

  • All fees are to be paid at the time of treatment or upon discharge of your pet.  Many of our clients we only see one time, therefore, we are not able to extend credit or allow charging of fees.
  • We accept all major credit cards including Care Credit (see Financial Resources on Home Page).
  • A comprehensive Health Care Plan will be provided to you before any treatments are performed.
  • A deposit is required on all pets admitted to the hospital.
  • A late fee of $50.00 will be added to your balance if hospitalized pets are not picked up before 8:00 am on the morning we close.    

Hospital Policies

  • Use extreme caution when handling injured animals.  Even the most well-mannered pets will often bite when hurt or frightened.
  • Only emergency procedures are performed at the clinic.  Routine procedures should be taken to your regular veterinarian during their office hours.
  • It is the direct responsibility of the pet owner to pick up their pet and transfer it, if necessary, to their regular veterinarian.
  • Patients are triaged upon arrival and seen in the order of most life-threatening problems.  These emergencies take priority.
  • For the safety of our staff and the well-being of your pet, we request that you inform us prior to examining your pet if it is aggressive or has a tendency to bite.
  • For your safety, we ask that you allow the technician or assistant to restrian your pet during the examination.  Please keep your face and hands out of reach of your pet during this time.
  • Upon arrival all dogs much be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier.

The Emergency Pet Hospital
1301-A East Main Street
Havelock, NC 28562
(252) 444-1399
(252) 444-2404 (fax)