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Lola, a 7 month old Golden Retriever, was brought to EPH on June 21st, 2019, for vomiting which included a small amount of blood. Upon taking radiographs, the doctors believed that there was something suspicious in her stomach and recommended performing an exploratory surgery in order to find out if Lola had a foreign body.
A forgein body in a pet’s digestive tract can include toys, bones, coins, wire, etc. These items can not only block up the digestive tract and cause vomiting or inability to produce a bowel movement, but if sharp, these items can also perforate (make an incision) in the digestive tract which can lead to more complicated problems.

In Lola’s case, her exploratory surgery produced a negative result meaning that there was no foreign material found in her stomach. Within a short period of time, Lola recovered from her surgery very well and was able to go home.