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  1.  Help Us Support Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter 

    Help Us Support Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter

    Our local wildlife rehabilitation center is a non-profit organization that thrives on community support.

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  2. Pet of the Week



    Bella, a 9yr old Pit Bull, came to EPH on May 17, 2019, as a transfer from her regular veterinarian. Bella was diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, otherwise known as HGE. 

    HGE is an acute disorder found in dogs. Symptoms can include a sudden onset of vomiting and bloody diarrhea. The exact cause of this disorder is not known due to the symptoms correlating with many other illnesses. 

    Bella was so sweet while she was staying at EPH and she was always so happy to interact with the technicians. She was a real trooper! 

    As of May 22nd, Bella is doing fantastic! She is back to her normal self, and eating and drinking well.

    Look at that sweet face!

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  3. What is a pet emergency?

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Our clinic is staffed and equipped to provide all the necessary emergency medical and surgical care for your pets until they can be transferred to their regular veterinarian for continued treatment and non-emergency services.
Our staff members sacrifice their nights, weekends, and holidays in order to give each and every patient the compassion and attention they need during an emergency vet visit.
It's sometimes difficult for pet owners to discern whether or not their pet's illnesses or injuries are a true emergency. Find out what types of pet emergencies require immediate medical attention and what common house-hold items that can be toxic to our furry friends.
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