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Tripoli, a 5 year old Pit Bull, presented to EPH on 08-07-2020 for being unable to move after running in the yard. She was hospitalized at EPH for 3 days after we diagnosed her with cranial trauma and a possible fracture of a cervical vertebrae. We noticed that Tripoli wasn’t able to use her right front and back legs as much her left front and back legs.

After her stay with us at EPH, Tripoli was transferred to her regular veterinarian for continued care. On 08-19-2020, we called Tripoli’s owners for an update. They informed us that she was transferred to NC State for an MRI which confirmed a fracture of her 4th cervical vertebrae.

Tripoli underwent surgery for her spine and on of 09-03-2020, her owners posted a video on our Facebook page of Tripoli walking again! Check out our Facebook page to see how well Tripoli is recovering.