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Ray, an 11mo domestic shorthair, presented to EPH on 04-09-2021 for his right front leg being swollen and an abscess rupturing. Unfortunately, Ray’s abscess was so extensive that it compromised the muscle and tendons underneath so we recommended ampution. Ray’s owner agreed and Ray become a tripod!

Abscesses can form for a multitude of reasons. The most common type of abscess we see at EPH are from bite wounds due to animal mouths containing lots of bacteria. These abscesses can be painful and cause your pet to have a fever. They can also go undetected until they eventually open and ooze pus and bloody discharge.

While in our care post-surgery, Ray was the sweetest and snuggliest cat. He received tons of love from all of our staff. Ray is doing fantastic now! He is playing with his siblings like a normal cat and giving his owners lots of snuggles and affection.

We all love you, Ray, and we wish you the best!